timesheet art

when i worked for Redworks, all employess had to submit reports on our works weekly. Technically it is done with a system, but some of my team loved to do it manually before submitting it.

we printed out a page from our mac’s calendar and write down our deadlines et cetera on it. turned out, we did not just write them down, but sometimes draw them down. overtime, i overdid it a lil bit, i mean… it’s a fun thing to do, you know… absent-mindedly doodling and scribbling nonsenses.

well…here are the manual timesheets i managed to collect :

december 2009-september 2010

{the timesheet below contains Placebo’s lyrici Procect me from what i want}

{the timesheet below contains Radiohead’s lyric}

{ojo sampe kena odol rasa pulsa- by antha}

{the timesheet below contains Belle and Sebastian’s  & Greenday’s lyric}

  1. askhe said:

    “absent-mindedly doodling and scribbling nonsenses.” indeed is always a fun thing to do! hahahah!
    Anak seni emang beda, yg dipegang slalu bagus! :P

    • dina said:

      @ ninin: huehuehuhe to all the Redworkers, bila bosan bikinlah timesheet, bila stres makin rajinlah bikin timesheet hihahaha
      @ pyor:bagus tapi kurang bisa dibuktikan secara ilmiah apa kegunaannya ya HAHA

  2. irene said:

    GUAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAH… kamu simpen yaa?? kamu emang lue nyusuh ketimbang aku din!! haha i like it.. mana tombol jempol nya? manahhh..

    • dina said:

      hahaha hidup nyusuh! lhe ini juga kamu yg ngingetin buat disimpen, trus satu folder aku simpen terus:P
      ora eneng jempol wes kirim angpao aja hihihih

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