looking back on ten

somewhat-trivial and not-so-trivial high and low of two thousand and ten; not in chronological order

1. was the most uneventful year ever*

2. visited bali twice (thanks neng iren for joining me “bengong bareng di Bali”)

3. grew my hair (as usual, too lazy and and stingy to go to hairdresser), and sent my bang to retirement

4. visited dentist like…four times

5. visited new places: viet nam and mainland China! yey! what a trip! oh yeah went to Hong kong and Macau too at christmas, with family that time. am (still) such a lucky girl

6. became more and more unhappy and anxious. (the last time i remember being really happy was on february, when my sister visited) huum huumm

7. saw my sister twice. (and met her boyfriend once. at the airport)

8. went to Placebo concert (saw brian molko with my own eyes! cool!!)

9. came to hate my job. quit my job. got no job :D :D :D

10. didn’t pay my credit card (naughty naughty me)

11. the collection of my nail polish still didn’t grow beyond red and black

12. had bought almost all Haruki Murakami’s book

13. promised to stop buying book (how could i, when i’m an officer of Jakarta Book Club?)

14. had given up planning my future but couldn’t help keep worrying about future all the same

15. gave up my room at martimbang and moved to mel’s place (melani’s, not melrose Place ya)

16. 4 friends got married, 2 had babies and…fortunately, all the people i know grew older (iaialaaa……..)

as for me, as i grow older i feel i become more and more immature and selfish. “i should be better but i’m worse” (bird and the bee)

*actually so many events had happened during 2010, it’s just that…. the year seemed had flown by so fast without me really living it.

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