just as every parents must unintentionally or secretly have his/her favorite child,
i’ve too failed to be fair towards my mind & heart.
all my life, my heart has always win over my mind.
ignorantly i let her have her way, no matter stupid that way were.

as naturally as any right-brain-driven being,
i listened to my heart much more than i listened to my mind.
when i pondered, sometimes my will showed up
and coerced me to listen to my mind.
but he knew i would eventually turn a deaf ear towards mind
and take heart’s side.

i never realized the damage caused
by always giving my heart anything she desired.
that poor spoiled thing can’t bear a simplest disappointment.
never took a no, or a blow, she cracked when she got one.
leaving me desperately trying to mend her.

the worse thing is,
while i was drowned in all my effort to mend my crippled heart,
i just realized that i’m loosing my mind…

[at the end of a supposed inspiring uplifting day. which i stupidly concluded]

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