will too much garlic kill me?

in terms of happy tummy, there are couple of must-have items (well, of course according to moi) aside from classic salt & pepper, needed to fix a simplest meal:

chinese food

sesame oil | amazing ingredient, put anything dull into great flavour

soy sauce! | am a member of anti-sugar-and-sweetened-thick-soy-sauce tribe


pasta [or sort of ]

olive oil

black pepper



garlic | magical!

well…when the cooking fever stroke me lately, i just blindly put garlic into everything i fixed,

chopped, minced, smashed. voila!

so far there’s no tummy been upset, although sometimes the tongue was  :p

here are some of the quite eatable stuffs i managed to mix

[√] Sandwich (who can’t???)

[√] noodle

[√] sauteed veggie

[√] japanese tofu with shitake

—> comment from the my philipino neighbour  “wah you actually can cook ya…”

[√] spaghetti aglio e olio

—> sometimes aglio e olio e tuna | e bacon e mushroom

[√] spaghetti mushroom with cream sauce

[√] mushroom cream soup

[√] salad

—-> with no dressing excep olive oil and lime juice, maybe ‘lalap’ is a more suitable title

anyway, like any normal ‘anak kos’, my area of expertize of course:

fried rice, scrambled egg and friends!

bon appetite!



One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well
| Virginia Woolf

1 thought on “will too much garlic kill me?”

  1. Waaah!!! U can cook yaaa!!! Hebat, hebat, aku masi trauma kalo masakan chinese…

    Hehehe, being anak kos for along time made u cook :D
    Here i m still trying :D. Unfortunately the fridge in my place is so “moody”, it makes the veggie spoilt easily :(

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