{Proximity 12} where you didn’t get to taste any puttanesca or oglio olio but managed to scoop enough vongole for the day

Duomo di milano.
the piazza was closed for the coming art installation – said the flyers. But the church was open so we got in for a peep. Beautiful.

Milan fashion week.
Once again, accidentally, ndro, mel and I were drown in concoction of fashionista, journalists and tourists in front of Liu.Jo outlet. Thanks to my minimum kepo-ism and my size, I didn’t get to see what the crowd was so excited about. It was kate moss. Sliding out of a mercedes. “Una modella inglesa” I overheard someone explained to someone else behind me. Nice.

Gelato. E pizza. E pasta.
My travel companions started to despise pizza and pasta. But I, I haven’t even started. Me want more pasta. Me want pizza. Me want formaggio. munch, twirl, slurp.

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