{Proximity 27} when the pickpocket couldn’t find my pocket

Champs-Élysées. 04.09.12

Been warned about the famous finger-smiths of paris. We are said to be a likely target because we are asian and smalls and totally tourist-like.

When we walk to the most prestigious street on paris, champs-elysees, a women brushed my right arm and kept walking very close to me. tried to fish my wallet out of my bag she was!. No madam! My bag was so packed I found it difficult even for me to fish out my wallet haha!

She walked on and did the same thing to my friend, who fortunately realized it and step away from her.

Well..where the glamorous things are, the dimmest things will also be. The world seems always find a way to recover its balance.

Unlike me, who lost my balance (and my breath!) while ascending the spiral endless flight of stone stairs in the windowless stone stairwell of Arch de Triomphe that eve. Bloody suffocating enclosure. It was not the numerous steps, but the absence of window and landing that made me feel a lil bit panicky and a lot claustrophobic. The view from up there did the justice but the gallery inside the arc gave us nothing memorable.

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