sunday sewing fever

fufufufu…  wasn’t feeling well on weekend so i stayed home.

the plan to rest and read to my heart’s content were merely plan,

for the white Singer on the table determined not to be ignored.

my current note/sketch book was almost full,

so i decided to make a reversible cover for a A5 sketchbook i just bought

and a notebook i bought at Loft a couple of years back

thus began the most time-consuming part: measuring.

actually i spent as much time match-making the fabric :P

(part of the reason is because the fabric isn’t mine ,

but the collection of melani olivia)

/notebook on top of sketchbook
with their new  jacket

/hey polkaaaa! you made me stay awake through the night,
had to pick out and resew it 3 times before it fits -.-
here’s the side A and inside

/side A

/side B

/flower in ma pocket: side A, back and front

/side B

are we human or are we seamstress

as i mentioned in my earlier post, i quit my job as art director in an advertising agency last october. and up until now – which is february –  i have not gone back to my life as a full-timer. you might wonder with what weapon have i been killing time all these months? mainly with sleeping the clock around, i assure you. also with a lil bit of this and that. but…what was new is: i played with needle and thread! practically spent entire day in front of mom’s old sewing machine (at grandma’s old house), trying to get the hang of it. so after days of extreme shoulder-aches, countless curses, and a lot of innocent old rags and fabrics being sacrificed, i got 2 bunny dolls, a reversible journal cover, a reversible bag, a laptop case and a oversize canvas tote bag with applique of my big-eyes girl