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found this last year’s project when rummaging through old hard disk, illustrations for Caring Colours new make up series, Caring Happy. Caring Colours is a local make up brand from Martha Tilaar Group, which targeted young professionals. it was a fun but challenging process, especially because it requires an illustration style that i haven’t really mastered. but i’m really glad that pattie, the creative director who commissioned me to do this project, trusted me to do it ^^

early items

Caring Happy teatime

another explorations with pencil

Caring Happy arsir




gramophon edit

pattie’s layout for the Print Ad (there’s 2 more of this Happy series)

FA Display Tester Happy_Reva co

half of my sketches were created absentmindedly (well that’s what doodle is rite?). some of them i thought of before i put them on paper, but mostly were taken shape while i scribbled with my mind as blank as the piece of paper in front of me. and when i did plan my sketches beforehand, the final output (if they could be categorized as final, for i rarely finish my sketches) usually ended up quite different than what i first intended them to be. along the way i tried this and that and couldn’t quite decide which one i liked the most.  hohoho…. the simplest example is this:

the sketch

treatment one

treatment two


treatment two and a half :p

I don't understand about complementary colors
 And what they say
 Side by side they both get bright
 Together they both get gray

 But he's been pretty much yellow
 And I've been kinda blue
 But all I can see is
 Red, red, red, red, red now
| [red red red - Fiona Apple]