read while you eat

Eating and Reading copy

It’s a ‘bad’ habit I have never been able to shake loose. Not that I ever wanted to. Since I was a kid,
I have always had a book in my hand while having my meal. A novel, comic book, manga, magazine.
I don’t really remember how and why I got to so attached to my reading materials that putting them down for half an hour felt like a great sacrifice. I guess it wasn’t so much about the book as much as it was about me feeling more comfortable hiding behind them. No matter how many times my mom scolded me I’ve never grown out of the habit. Funny thing is, my husband got exactly the same habit, if not more intense. One time, we tried to have dinner without our books or cellphones around. Without his manga or news or his twitter feed, he grew so restless that unconsciously he reached a bottle of soy sauce on table and read the label. We succumb to our beloved eating style ever since. It may not be considered a good manner by most people so we try not to bring our eating/reading habit outside our own dinner table. Anyway C.S. Lewis is one of the author I admire and I’m glad we share the same table manner. :p

caring and happy

found this last year’s project when rummaging through old hard disk, illustrations for Caring Colours new make up series, Caring Happy. Caring Colours is a local make up brand from Martha Tilaar Group, which targeted young professionals. it was a fun but challenging process, especially because it requires an illustration style that i haven’t really mastered. but i’m really glad that pattie, the creative director who commissioned me to do this project, trusted me to do it ^^

early items

Caring Happy teatime

another explorations with pencil

Caring Happy arsir




gramophon edit

pattie’s layout for the Print Ad (there’s 2 more of this Happy series)

FA Display Tester Happy_Reva co

in making up the lady

half of my sketches were created absentmindedly (well that’s what doodle is rite?). some of them i thought of before i put them on paper, but mostly were taken shape while i scribbled with my mind as blank as the piece of paper in front of me. and when i did plan my sketches beforehand, the final output (if they could be categorized as final, for i rarely finish my sketches) usually ended up quite different than what i first intended them to be. along the way i tried this and that and couldn’t quite decide which one i liked the most.  hohoho…. the simplest example is this:

the sketch

treatment one

treatment two


treatment two and a half :p