10 best way to kill time in office when you’ve finished working but you can’t go home yet and have to wait for your colleague to finish her work

1) go up to the 27th floor to get some foot massage (only 35thou for half an hour)

2) visit another desk, who knows you’d find some mags to read, some crackers to eat, or better…a glass of wine

3) Bang your stereo! or to be precise, your shrieking macpro’s build-in speaker

4) chat with you former Grouphead, who’s stuck in the middle of post production in some post house

5) uploading your pics on facebook would surely be most logical

6) clean your desk

7) checking twitter once every minute

8) download as many free-vectors as you can manage

9) learn to use the oversized Tablet PC while nobody is using it

10) update your long-forgotten blog, which has been abandoned for quite some times, when you’re busy being busy.