hello feb!


I know it’s a bit too late, but I’ve uploaded some months of my lettering calendar.
Feel free to download or print for personal use. [They’re in RGB though]

Click on the numbers below to download.
Just drop me a message if you like them!

FEB 16_dina_RGBAPR 16_Wolfe05 MAY 16_Safran Foer_RGB06 JUN 16_Dahl_RGB07 JUL 16_Foer_RGB


02.    03.   04.

05.    06.    07.




taking a breather between deadlines and fighting flu. while waiting for another job briefing scheduled at noon, i bought some silly women magazine full of ads, reorganizing my portable drive and found yet another drawing.

got no time nor energy nor inspiration to do sketches lately *woot woot*