i got a 2nd on my 28th

[look how happy winson and chelly - city kids going wild!]

dear green green (expensive) grass

we’re baaaaack!

maybe the grass is always greener on April

or maybe it just happen that this is our time of the year

for it was exactly a year ago devy invited us to gather in her house

not on purpose, we happened to be back there on the very same month this year

since the last time we stepped on you exactly a year ago, dear grass

we’ve grown bigger! and older for some of us.

some are already  married with children

some are….remained children :))

anyway…my favorite new girl is….jean!

meet jean!

isn’t she adorable?

she taught us – us the fattening generation – to run freely on the field

she taught us to sniff. and lick. and sniff. and wiggle. and bark!

she taught us how to roll on the grass

it’s so good to get together again

laughing teasing talking running and of course eating

(the bbq was superb as always)

but i do admit, jean is the one who really made my weekend