and the bird won’t sing

the end has begun. once again.
the conclusion of a circle (which, essentially has no tail).
closing up while actually making born of some(other)thing.
(can we really call it the end, then?)
anyway they say it is the time to reflect. isn’t it?
since contemplating is not my cup of tea,
let’s just skim through my note/sketch-book
which i have filled out during two thousand and eleven

(will post it gradually, and not in sequential order)

| 2 0 1 1 . pen . orient

sunday sewing fever

fufufufu…  wasn’t feeling well on weekend so i stayed home.

the plan to rest and read to my heart’s content were merely plan,

for the white Singer on the table determined not to be ignored.

my current note/sketch book was almost full,

so i decided to make a reversible cover for a A5 sketchbook i just bought

and a notebook i bought at Loft a couple of years back

thus began the most time-consuming part: measuring.

actually i spent as much time match-making the fabric :P

(part of the reason is because the fabric isn’t mine ,

but the collection of melani olivia)

/notebook on top of sketchbook
with their new  jacket

/hey polkaaaa! you made me stay awake through the night,
had to pick out and resew it 3 times before it fits -.-
here’s the side A and inside

/side A

/side B

/flower in ma pocket: side A, back and front

/side B