sunday sewing fever

fufufufu…  wasn’t feeling well on weekend so i stayed home.

the plan to rest and read to my heart’s content were merely plan,

for the white Singer on the table determined not to be ignored.

my current note/sketch book was almost full,

so i decided to make a reversible cover for a A5 sketchbook i just bought

and a notebook i bought at Loft a couple of years back

thus began the most time-consuming part: measuring.

actually i spent as much time match-making the fabric :P

(part of the reason is because the fabric isn’t mine ,

but the collection of melani olivia)

/notebook on top of sketchbook
with their new  jacket

/hey polkaaaa! you made me stay awake through the night,
had to pick out and resew it 3 times before it fits -.-
here’s the side A and inside

/side A

/side B

/flower in ma pocket: side A, back and front

/side B