christmas spaghetti

my christmas menu, enjoyed with a cup of hot lemon honey and the dark knight on the screen

actually is an ordinary spaghetti bolognaise, but this is how i’d like it done

– am not an accurate type of person so i definitely don’t use measurement
– I rarely taste my food while cooking it, so….que sera sera :)

chopped garlic (optional)
minced beef
diced tomato (optional)
tomato paste
crushed black pepper
salt & pepper
olive oil


• drop the spaghetti into boiling water
(add oil so the pasta won’t stick to each other + salt for taste)
• meanwhile, sprinkle the minced beef with pepper
(i like to do this excessively – means lotsa pepper – cause i hate the smell of beef)
• chop/slice the onion, any style will do
• coarsed-chop the garlic
(i use garlic to cover the smell of the beef, so it’s not a must have)
• dice the tomato
(if you think the tomato paste is enough, you can skip this)

• Melt butter in pan
(I’m careless with fat/calories/sugar in my food so i use butter. if you’re a health freak olive oil is the answer)
• throw in the onions – shake the pan
• put the garlic in, and when the onion is soften, let the beef & diced tomatoes join
• sprinkle with salt & pepper, sitr till the beef is browned
• add the tomato paste
• sprinkle with pinch of oregano & black pepper

– fin-
• when the pasta is al dente, put on a plate, or
throw into the pan and stir together with the sauce for a while.