When the lighting strikes. twice

It’s been a while.

Since the last entry

What i had been up to?

A super concise recap:

  • life
  • works
  • couple of crisis
  • periods of laziness; with scant art projects and countless cups of coffee scattered in between
  • And a bump. A very prominent one


Fast forward to now. When life with twins is happening. When almost all of our 24hours are not ours to spend.

This new decade brought along a bundle of milk monsters, not exactly dropped by a stork but been taking over my life and body since 9 months before.

While I’ve never regarded new year as an eventful event or a major turning point or anything worth celebrated over, turned out 2020 claimed to be different. The pair of wailing potatoes agreed to mark this year as memorable if not a life changing one.

So..here we are, two becomes four.

9 to 5 becomes 24/7 (temporarily. Will have to go back to work soon)

8 hours of sleep becomes a myth

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