To The Ends of The World

pencil + metallic inks on black pad



This was one of my entries to International English Service’s Art Auction last year. The original artwork would be hanging on someone’s wall (hopefully). Actually posting it is an act of procrastination – instead of getting my paper and pencils and whatnot out of the box, why don’t I just dig up old artworks (which, is, scarce by the way) and show them off.

2015 has been an unproductive one – in terms of art – mainly because I’m…too lazy. The more elaborate explanation will be that I’ve been having difficulties dividing my time between my 9 to 5 job, books (including  co-organizing book club), practicing illustration (and getting sidetracked by brush lettering along the way), cooking, housekeeping, finding inspirations for furnishing my apartment (while the actual act of furnishing itself is having a lil hiccup) and daydreaming. And of all I’ve been focusing pretty much on reading books and daydreaming, both – if you notice – are acts of escaping reality. It’s not that reading is bad – in fact I encourage you to take time to read everyday – it’s just that a little discipline will be good here, don’t you think? While multitasking is clearly just a myth, the plan is to introduce consistency into my daily activities. well, hope I am consistent enough to carry it out.

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