in some kind of reflective mode


| IES Kelapa Gading Mission Tee / 2 0 1 4

Something from about a year ago.
Designed for Outreach Ministry of International English Service Jakarta

As far as I remember, most of the time their commissions have reached me during my busiest periods. That way – too bad – the works have always felt like one thing too many on my plate;
one more thing that I had to wedge into my crammed tiny brain. Of course I’ve always wanted to work cheerfully and wholeheartedly. That’s the essence of doing ministry. But the fact is, I could never give them the best allocation of time – let alone my whole heart.The works I’ve done so far were like crafted just enough to meet the deadlines; to ease me from my ‘debt’; Left me with a ‘It could have been better crafted’ feeling.

But if they had been such a burden then why did I keep doing it?
Because as far as I remember, they have also been such a blessing.
Those commissions have challenged me to accomplish something otherwise I wouldn’t have.
They insisted I use the little free time I had doing illustrations, letterings or designs instead of
catching up with my favorite TV series. Thus they’ve sharpened me as an illustrator/designer.
And I’m grateful.

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