in the time of flood

that’s the way to start the year..
trapped by the flood in an electricity-less house , no phone no lights, lucky we got some foods and water.

the house i was staying in stood facing the highway and toll road so there were so much going on down there that i could observe from the 4th floor balcony; the traffic on the road was dominated by various make-shift rafts and boats, the highway was half deserted, lined with broken vehicles and helpless drivers.

funny, at the other part of jakarta things went on as usual, not affected by flood at all. you went to work as usual, you drove your car and not a raft made of crates, you could make a phone call and tweet and blog and take a nice shower without worrying what would happen if you run out of water tomorrow. anyway, i managed to leave the flooded neighborhood on the third day before we ran out of our sanity. god is so good. hopefully there will be no more heavy rain that resulted in flood and no more unnecessary victims being swept away by the water.







1 thought on “in the time of flood”

  1. […] last year i didn’t see it coming at all. one morning i woke up and yaick, the house was already surrounded by flood water, electricity had been cut, no tv, no news, no telephone. there were not much that i could do at that time so it appeared that i was going through all that quite calmly. but actually it was a really traumatic experience. being cut out from the world, worrying all the time about hygiene and stuffs, constantly running out out water and candle sticks, doing nothing, and finally doing something which was escaping the neighborhood with lusia. but even that escape was a lil bit traumatic too, getting to the highway on a very unreliable-raft-made-of-bathroom-door (from my neighborhood this highway was the only accessible road to somewhere dry), the yucky flood water that we had to plow through, the highway fence that we had to climb. Actually on hindsight they were pretty cool, something that i could brag about, not everyday i could climb a highway fence and get away with it, right :D. but yucky and there was also the uncertainty that anyone would pull over and let our wet selves get into their car or cab (yes, instead of calling SAR boat we chose to hitch-hiked haha; oh yea we didn’t have phone connection so that’s the reason why). anyway we managed to get a cab. […]

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