{Proximity 5} not so burnt Siena

Carelessly linked Siena – its yellow brown medieval cityscape – with burnt sienna, the name of one yellowish color pigment that I know from my watercolor tubes.

The truth is there isn’t any connection.

Is that all that I have to say about siena?
Except that it’s better to feel rather that just see the city.

Except that half day excursion will only get you to another unesco heritage site which is beautiful but full of people.
(And don’t forget that all the pictures of beautiful scenery or landmarks on tourism websites or books or postcards that get you drooling look so stunning because they were captured from aerial view)

Except that we had fun (not) getting lost in its hilly tiny alleys.

Except that the wind was so wild that day in siena that we came back to firenze with runny nose and slightly wobbly steps.

But the city does have that yellowy ochery color :p

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