{Proximity 21} au revoir Avignon ola Barcelona

Took the morning train to Barcelona.
Merged into the completely different color palette, different buzzing sound. The more summery feeling.

Deny left his kamera bag on the train when he’s busy helping us with our luggage, but we were able to get it back on time fortunately. The officer guided us to cross the platform so we can find the bag before the train take of to figueres.

Spent that first day in Barcelona absorbing the vibe of la rambla (o boy so many people) and re filling our stomach. I saw more of my friends’ happy faces (happy tummies to be precise) here, cause finally they were satisfied with the food, while the food in france were to bland for them.

O and I learned how to order espresso machiatto here, they call it cortado. Enough spanish to keep me alive I think :p

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