the suspended fever between blue moons

you’ve got a problem with acne he ask
you mean i have acne problem?

hell yeah i do especially when i rise and shine with the moon.

got a problem with lips too… and teeth, tongue, pores.

also eyes, head, heart, nails, ankle, oh and you! maybe with you too.

just like the rest of the world or half the species of the earth.

always got a problem with something. or all things. or imaginathings.

blame in on luna. or maybe try to fit on her shoes.

fly to your metaphorical moon and look at your self.

maybe your trouble would seem so far away just like lennon said.

i say everything looks smoother from the bumpy surface of the moon.

but i don’t want to sit on your lap just yet luna… i need to see your face.

i’m waiting for your blue face. for i believe

something crazy is bound to happen once in a blue moon

|11.05.16/from acne to the moon
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