vintage all around


my late grandma’s house has been giving some kind of vintage feeling into my life these couple of months, from the interior details of the house, the furniture, the photos hanging on the wall, down to the cooking utensils :P

it brings kinda other-worldly feeling, all i wanna do is to daydream and to sit on the porch with a glass of ice coffee remembering good ol days *halah* (fat chance. won’t happen. cause as soon as you step on the porch you will be greeted by thousands of mosquitoes). anyway, i’ve posted a couple of shots of the house itself in my previous post, in addition to that, here is a glimpse of my typical breakfast here: butter and honey toast + coffee a la viet nam (a la vietnam but not using vietnam ground coffee hehehe my lovely kopi singa done it pretty well). as for my parents’ house at ngagel, still undergoing some make over, poor old house… with all the big rain coming down, it never done on time. i haven’t got a chance to take a snap of the house itself.

[my macbook feels like alien here hiks]

so aside from taking pictures of the house and making toasts, i didn’t do much fruitful activities. well i managed to produced few samples of canvas tote bag, laptop sleeve and making two cute bunny dolls (i probably will share it in another post), sketched a lot of doodles and some commissioned illustrations (been meaning to experiment with new tools/paint but ended up doing only pencil sketches and digital coloring), finished off my books and House season 1-5 (not all episodes though), done the illustration for IES orphanage Christmas (failed to attend the event) and now am working on the new Oteam T-shirt. oh and i helped my cousin doing some cutie-cutie design (using a lot of pink and heart shapes et cetera) for wedding stuffs. seemed like a lot of things – yet not as productive as I originally planned. for a change, yenny introduced me to baso pak gun and the thrill of playing board games. well that’s how i filled the stretch of time between end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011. :D

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