in making up the lady

half of my sketches were created absentmindedly (well that’s what doodle is rite?). some of them i thought of before i put them on paper, but mostly were taken shape while i scribbled with my mind as blank as the piece of paper in front of me. and when i did plan my sketches beforehand, the final output (if they could be categorized as final, for i rarely finish my sketches) usually ended up quite different than what i first intended them to be. along the way i tried this and that and couldn’t quite decide which one i liked the most.  hohoho…. the simplest example is this:

the sketch

treatment one

treatment two


treatment two and a half :p
1 comment
  1. ika said:

    dindud, i love unfinished version number 2

    sad, yet beautiful

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