ask the sea for answer

last night i played question & answer with The Book of Answer  at Aksara Bookstore
and yes…
to my first question it gave a quite in-context answer, which was:
Seek for more options

and then i asked another question,
which answer to me must be the wiser the book has ever given:
Ask the Father.

ok i should’ve stopped there.
but no…
i pushed it further. i asked the same question in other way.
should i step further?
the answer was:
It would be inadvisable.

then like any stupid one would do, i asked for confirmation.
in other word, i put the same question into another sentence and shot it
should i do nothing and wait?
the page i opened said:
move on.

don’t ask if you’re not ready to hear the answer.

moreover do not consult someone/something you don’t even believe in.


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