as time goes by

why rush, with all the time in your hand?

haven’t you got a clue

of how time behaves

time does not stand still.

it just does not.

no matter how people swear it does sometimes.

time doesn’t lay quietly down in your hand

nor will it sit meekly at your feet wiggling its tail

it does not like to run with you side by side

o run it does! but with its own pace

and it will drag you along

many times, to the wrong direction

why chasing time, only to kill it when you feel you have to much of it?

chasing time killing time

is the curse put upon you

is a futile effort to tame time

when time is an untamable existence

which keeps you stumblingly running

desperately keeping up

before all the time you have

slip off through your finger

leaving you empty-handed

| not being faithful to the title, the song i actually was hearing while scribbling this was Stuck in a moment by U2

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