the first day is the crafting day

finally i had aaaaall day to bind all my scrap papers!

all of these were made from used papers & old abandoned stuffs.

really took my whole first day of holiday to make this 4 notebooks.

but am glad with the result ^^

even though some of the binding is not too strong, so pleeeze handle with care ;)

notebook berdua (1)

notebook berempat

notebook 1

notebook 1 detail

notebook 2 detail(1)

notebook 3

notebook 3 detail(1)

notebook 4

  1. melani said:

    di mau liat bukunya…

    • dina said:

      all had found their new owner mel.
      yang pake ring aku kasih ke hendro 2001, yang black buat neng iren, yang kain krem di meja eric, yg coklat buat antha :p km mampir kantor deh yuk yuk^^

  2. melani said:

    lah yang buat kamu di… hmm hehe
    hehe besok berangkat ya di..
    kalau ada yang lucu2 ya di sing… yang bisa buat referensi the new shop..

  3. yenny said:

    KEren Din! Euy! tak henti2 takjub nya :)

    • dina said:

      ayo yen kita berkarya! ehhehe meski kecil-kecilan :P

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