the girl with the red balloon

the black bird took my balloon away!
cried the little girl.
what color is your balloon?
asked the badger.
why? it’s red, mr.badger.
couldn’t you see it?

no my dear girl, i couldn’t.
not red, green, blue nor yellow i can see.
replied the badger bleakly.
oo…poor mr.badger,
when the world is so full of color.


well well….here you are,
little girl in white.
what are you doing
standing alone among tall green grass
staring at the orange sunset?

o hi mr.badger,
am waiting for the black bird
maybe he would return my red balloon.
answered the sad little girl.

o why are you so blue dear child,
forget the red balloon already,
the badger softly said.
but i missed my red balloon, mr.badger.
it’s just a fleeting beauty, child
not worth your affection.

come…come…look at the sunset
as you said, the world is full of colors
colors that won’t fade.
the sun will surely retreat
but rise again it will!
with gleaming yellow rays
that turn everything into gold.

but why mr.badger!
you can see colors now, can’t you?
oo am happy for you mr.badger, how come?
grinned the little girl, to which the badger replied
let’s say that…
my black heart has already been turned into white
by a red liquid called love

| drafted sometimes in march 2009. started as a ym status.
the part about white dress, green grass, orange sunset,
black heart and red liquid are taken from a response poem from a friend,
with his permission of course.

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