the blower’s wisdom

the host in the TV show said:
how long does it need to master the technique?

that, and images of beautiful colored glass in blazing fire
finally pulled me off my bowl of instant noodle
and made me pay attention to what’s going on on tv.

they said there’s only two traditional glass blowing workshops left in all Syria.
apparently the profession is in decline.

the elder glassblower answered in an unfamiliar tongue – might be arabic or any dialect used in Syria –” well it depend on the individual. one might only learn one year and mastering it might learn for ten years and still not become will depend on how hard you work. and you also have to love it”

all that came into my mind was, that that formula is relevant to all.
are you a glassblower, are you a nuclear scientist, a waitress, a ceo, bank clerk, musician, magician, doctor, or an art director *yeah*,

you have to love what you do.

|the tv show is: Feast Bazaar 2006. august 13, 2009. not perfectly quoted, based on my memory

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