how they build

How sour is sally now, after so many sweet tart cool but maybe not so sour playerpopped up in every corner of jakarta’s mall? well it’s not for me to judge:) what i’m trying to say is, even though naturally not a big fan of fro-yo and haven’t tried much of other fro-yo, if i ever feeling like having one, i’ll definitely go straight to sally. it got strong identity & character  (and of course the benefit of being the first player in its category) and speaking about sally’ character, i found out that Kinetic’s is being featured in .netmagazine. (i happened to know that Kinetic singapore is the one who develop hellosoursally while me & team did some research about fro-yo a few months back, but today i found out that they build everything from scratch! from the name, character, illustration and website)

here’s the extract:

.net magazine features How We Built Sour Sally! at Temporal Vortex

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