on my 27th


trapped in office till midnite, till it wasn’t my birthday any longer
what was it? the worst birthday ever?
in a way…yes.
yet…was also the richest i’ve ever had
i mean, how many of you got a chance to fly a kite on your birthday?

let’s see..

during the stressful hours of afternoon brainstorm session,
a delightful surprise came in a form of  whole homemade blueberry cheesecake!
we gladly broke the formation and had a “tea time” with bolu, risoles, pisang goreng madu i ordered.
(we save the cheesecake for dessert after dinner later)

too tired to socialize or even to move, i almost canceled my joining to Rancamaya with fellowship group the next day.
but sis michelle informed me that some would leave at 11, not too early so i could join.
It turned out to be a  wonderful trip!
although only half-conscious during the stay, i managed to have as much fun as i could.
the first day, after had ngohyang at Surya kencana bogor, we carried our stuffed tummy into devy’s house in Rancamaya.

lolled around the porch, watched winson swam accompanied by 2 frogs, laughed at chelly who chase the frog with her camera,
traditional music filtered trough the living room inside, durian party by the pool -I, of course, only tasted 1 bite for formality,
solely because bu lina texted me before: wah dina kamu harus makan duren ya di sana – what an afternoon!
let alone the BBQ, which completed by two dessert:
organic sugar free chocolate cake by sister devy, and unbelievably funny maneuver by winson, fredro and eloy, who made as laugh like a drain.
the next day, we marched to the kite festival.
flying kite is not my biggest gift apparently, after several attempt i gave the cord back to fredro and enjoyed the photo session.

later that evening back in jakarta, we had supper together ar bubur furama.
fattening bday weekend i should say…
and more than that…i am stuffed with so many hugs and kisses and warm wishes and prayers.

thank you all :)

3 thoughts on “on my 27th”

  1. Sounds so funnn:):) happy to read it hahaha!

    eh, when was ur bday? Sorry if i missed it :p
    Blessed days for u always! may u see good days in the year ahead! :) amen!

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