flowing along the constant flux


before, is always on the head of after.
future naturally follows past.
no chance yesterday and tomorrow would share the same room.

forging full speed chasing tomorrow,
some forget about yesterdays that had formed their very self.
some foolishly clutching the shadow of the past
till they forgot to finish their race.

but worse of all
are the ones who always were and always will…
but never are.
ones who forget to hold the string that ties yesterday and tomorrow
to feel the thin line called present.

if you believe life is a constant flux,
tomorrow would be now now would become yesterday.
yet yesterday will always around.
tomorrow will always be there.
and now…now is always with you.

seize tomorrow as you like,
forget or hold on to yesterday as you wish,
but if you can help it, never,
ever let the present slips off your embrace.

from the one who always aloof and never be present

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