31 days past new year 2009

31 days past new year 2009

still blank.

no reflections from the past year.
no revelation of an annually popular word that popped up every january – resolution.
no secret to share, no dream to tell
or more likely…none that i feel like sharing

had my head had gone completely blank, it might has been better…
but the truth was it was so full it got whacked.
so hazy cannot put anything into forms, let alone into words.

hmm….31 days past new year 2009

still got no clue.

is it that i have nothing, so i have to add something?
or is it because i got all sort of things entangled i need to throw out the shits among them?
the later i think…
can’t even hear both the angel on my right shoulder and the devil on my left clearly.
their voices are overlapping each other, forming a sheer noise that adding another volume of confusion.

by this time, it’s already 32 days past new year 2009

what happened during those 32 days?

friends got high and smashed into ground almost right away.
hope rose and soon flopped against anything that could hold it.
works flooding in and out with amazing speed.
all the while having only on-surface relationship with other human being, and quite a minimum contact with my family. great…

it’s a shame but in this new beginning when one should have high hopes
i admit that i’m still living day by day just to get by…
just to get by…

for a friend whom i know is wanting to find funny stories here,
am sorry this is all i have for now
but hey! it does help to start writing.
maybe tomorrow i will start telling you bout my new living quarters :)

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