slow down, siput…

another week gone by.

thus begin my tiring weekend.

and once again i spent it mostly running from one place to another.

of course also in front of my maccu, wildly punching the keyboard, sending mails and chatting,

while my other half self absentmindedly screening facebook pages.

always meant to slow down a bit, finishing my fiction or design magz which are piling on my floor.

but always ended up too busy buzzing around.

IES O team xmas event is just another 2 weeks away and am not at all ready.

today we announced the event it went badly.

the slide was not readable, people didn’t get what it was all about, let alone get them interested.

well, it only add more spirit to my persistent headache.

i know i should hv slept early

meant to…


as always…end up still awake in front of my maccu till this hour :P

anyway, i’m glad i got the chance to organize this xmas event.

but i’ll be happier when november’s end

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