I’ll sleep when November’s end

huah! can’t decide if ’twas a good or bad weekend

the good thing was i got time to rest on sat

but still my granny body is all aching, from head to toe

too much nerdy moments in front of this screen i guess


another fun i had was having an electric blue pedicure!

(i was actually stupid enough hoping it would be a midnight blue like OPI has hihih)


and…..i’m quite thrilled as i just got stacks of elle & vire with a very good price!

thus begin my healthy week…(yeah rite)


can’t get at all peaceful

got tons to do, to create, to finish, to kill..

all got to be done by this november!

IES xmas dinner for a start.

got tortured in the xmas meeting today,

all my team are absent & i got no progress

and i just have 21 days to go!

Daily crappy office junk

with all respect, that’s all i have in office; at least for now.

My dear me! i have promised a teammate we will submit an entry to an ad competition


Don’t forget this crappy menu design i have to finish

dealing with panic-stricken-unorganized yet slick client.

how is that sound hu?

o God help me…

all those things…leave me no time to pack!

whoa…moving in 2 weeks. lalala

I promise…i’ll get through this…I surely will!

(dead or alive) ahhahahah joke

i can’t get all this done alone, but i got back up

A friend reminded me last night, i got


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