mind-easing heart-blooming leg-soring tummy-thickening (day 2)

tuesday . 30 september two thousand eight.

Continuing our food-hunting adventure, I dragged hendro to Kelapa Gading the next noon (Michelle had another agenda that day). Determined to taste the rumored babi guling “Warung Tengil” but had no idea of its precise location, we attentively both sides of Boulevar Raya from inside our speeding cab. Not far from MKG we spotted the cheerful piggy painted on the sign board. Ah…that made us feel cheerful too

As we’re going in and seated ourself at the farthest table from the entrance to avoid generous shower of sunlight, we noticed the bamboo tables and chairs and the wall lined with bamboo made the room looked gloomy and narrow instead of warm. The large pictures of the food hung didn’t come in good quality and quite far from giving mouth-watering effect. We gladly put our previous method in practice by ordering only 1 portion of nasi babi guling to share, which was served on a woven rattan basket covered with brown paper. The tiny portion was finished soon, leaving us half-wondering what make this place recommended ha? The taste was indifferent, far from any babi guling I ever tasted, even the size is…teasing. So as you’d guess, they got only 3 stars.

As we had already planned as we ate, we looked around the many food outlets lining Boulevar raya and chose our next stop. There’s makassar food, pempek, pisang goreng, but Kedai Kurcaci attracted us most with their various yummy snacks and foods, among them batagor and two nice glass of yoghurt that we gulped down right away. 4 stars blinged! we’d like to try the bakmi another time.

And that gave us energy to roam ke mall, checked out what’s new on MKG 5, shopped for cookies and got dizzy from the noise of so many people in there.:D but..before we got home, a little visit to Gading Food City was made. Where La Piazza seemed relatively quieter than regular days, GFC was rather livelier. The stage was set for a Bedug performer, who were performing both in La piazza and GFC. After consulted the menu, we had chinese, kaylan and mun tahu from i forgot the exact name but it contain 99.  It was just ok, enough to make two happy tummy. too happy that we forgot one supposedly visited place: the park accros La Piazza.  we had just talked about how impossible it is in jakarta to have a nice time in a park, a decent park, the day before. well…tummy business was certainly more important  rite. ;P

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