something new

No this is not new year time.

But starting something new wouldn’t hurt right?

So here are couples of things that are new to me

n e w o f f i c e . n e w t e a m

Started out 5 months ago in a new division,

working with new boss and new ways.

Been enjoying it so far.

n e w p l a c e s

went to never been visited places during last holiday.

had so much fun

n e w s c r a t c h s t y l e

developed decorative drawing style lately


I have as my scrapbook..

but this blogging thing is certainly new to me

  1. Jiewa said:

    Cool Mac compyutahh !! Org desain grafis selalu bikin ngiri :(

  2. dina said:

    haha..skrg kan banyak org bukan desain grafis yang pake mac

  3. yenny said:

    new scratch style??
    made me envy too :(( uhuuu knp gua ga ada perkembangaaannnnn

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